s u f f e r i n g

never have I gotten tired
of speaking and using
the word as if I have
known its spectrum
left and right
but I like to believe
I have seen them all
yet the fighter inside
my head refuses to
enter the coliseum
of battles to end it

f e a r

is it?
is it fear
that is speaking
inside my head
telling me to forfeit
and give up
for I am a mere
cub in a lion's den
and all that awaits
me is my end

a p a t h y

that I close my mind
from the thoughts
of resistance
no matter how much
the world shows me
it exists
and always will
for I am not one
who is directly

f a c a d e

so I continue
what I always do
and hide behind
a life of flowers
and butterflies
always pleasing
to my eyes
for aesthetics
makes the world
go round
and my mind
is full of thoughts
you will never like

it is okay
to have a mind
that is blind
for the world
to those who
can truly see
is unkind

isn't it?

these ugly monsters
are meant
to hide forever

but tell me, who is the real monster?

Poetry by Rin
Read 275 times
Written on 2020-01-29 at 13:33

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