That girl

the tapping of pens, the scribling of pencils, the noise of my class mates all blocked out because of her. Shes beautiful in every single way.I love her so much i wanna take her hand and run away. so we can be alone forever.... we can be forever. Everyday of my life i dream of her. her body so perfect, and pure. Unallowed to be touched by human hands. it drives me insane. i love to show it. That I would do any thing for her. Even though she already knows it.

That girl standing encircled by her friends still having time to keep me on the edge wanting to steal the world for her. She knows I 'd die for her, cry for her. my Perfect World.

Diary by SUPERJEW66
Read 596 times
Written on 2006-06-06 at 00:11

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this is sweet. OMG. keep writing, i'll keep reading. gosh. i love you i love you. this entry makes me wanna cry its so sweet.
-----you know who CH<3