The Hidden Rage

When you get made fun , get called names, get beat up in school all u want to do is just crawl over and die. but you know you can't just give up that easy because if you do youll know they come back and keep hitting and assulting you. Then youll learn about the beast that you never thought you never had. Keep telling yourself that you are the boss you fight back at those who have stepped on you. Don't take it like a weakling take iand throw it back at them and twice as hard and then you show them who owns who.the pain you build up dont keep iot inside turn right around and take it on them. The kids that spit on called you names and tortured you. If they dont stop then keep going bury them into the ground so slowly and cruely if they say stop then mirror them back to when they picked on you and made your life a living hell and give them theirs.

Poetry by SUPERJEW66
Read 830 times
Written on 2006-07-19 at 02:34

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I have read this piece and it made me stop for a while and think really hard....these people who are mean to others,I dont know why they do it. But I know it hurts really bad when you are on the receiving end and I understand the drive behind your words....A humongous hug from me to you and aanyone else who read this poem and empathised with it.Still, I love the fact that you refused to give in.....

Edna Sweetlove
Wonderfully illterate. A gem. Also devoid of humour.