..... it just keeps going and going and going..... have fun!


Cds=burning=abandoned house=having "fun" upstairs=soda grenades=wet=pouring water on ourselves=laughing uncontrolably=when Hannah is on Vault and Chocolate at the same time=Danger Zone=Mad TV Stewie=Stewie Griffin=Family Guy=TV=brain rotting=not good for health=Fat people=funny=friends=will miss when they go to a different school then me=stupid other school=school sucks= GRRRRRRRR i dispise school=just graduated=YAAAAAAAY= we dont have miss mader anymore=hehe snorting crushed smarties=gettinghyper and pissing off mrs mader=running into her class like we are in a covert Ops. mission w/ guns=paintball=shooting big ryan in the neck and making him bleed...on accident of course... well i meant to shoot him in the neck but not make him bleed=Andy shooting me in the shoulder ... NOT on Accident=Andy + Cloud=O SNAP I WASNT SUPPOSED TO SAY THAT!!!!= O well....peace guys message me more ideas!

Words by SUPERJEW66
Read 873 times
Written on 2006-06-09 at 02:26

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hahaha "having fun" hehe thats a quote from me isnt it? wow good times good times

I feel honored to be associated with "laughing uncontrollably" and "Danger Zone"!

what about when you let andy shoot you in the shoulder at paintball and when i volunteered you for terminator and when you snorted smarties in math class and how much math class sucks and how much ms mader sucks at teaching and when we used to piss ms. mader off sooo much..... i'll shut up now.....

Peace out