this is a story about a kids dream .... find out what the mystery is.


BLOOD SWEAT and...............???????

the air was thick. the sky pitch black until the lightning started and everything turned a flash. then he saw what he hated the most the one thing that he dread. Crack another flash of lighting and saw their shadows moving. He started to run and dodge their sharpened gold coins and fruity little rainbows... until he saw them lunge at Ted his best friend in the world! he tried to scream run but the thunder took over. the screaming of pain had filled his ears the blood spit out on a morning pale moon. And faster and faster he ran the beer drinkin' little freeaks dead on his tail. his body sweeating like mad his blood preassure rising (Which is bad for your health and will shoot up your doctor bills) I'm going to die he thought as he turned to fight of the swarms of evil little creeatures ......... HE CRIED HIS BATTLE SHOUT .............. "DIE YOU LEPRECHAUNSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!" and thats when he awoken his bed covered in sweat then he had realized it was all just a dream.

Please note that no leprechauns were injured in the making fo this story.


Short story by SUPERJEW66
Read 781 times
Written on 2006-06-29 at 02:50

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hahahhahaahahaha this is funny.