New beginning for Alex and Leila and their family by Ann Wood

Sorry guys, we were busy preparing our new agency and was not active. Here we are back and ready for our fresh start in our lives. Leila and I were so busy interviewing new staff. Also, to do our blog page where you can ask us questions about fostering and health and social care. We have ten social workers who will help us with our foster care workers, also doctors, nurses, and care workers who will help our local hospitals and nursing and care homes near our home. We want to inform you that soon will open and our own nursing/ care home with 300 beds, swimming pools, gym, cinema, hear and beauty salon, many activities rooms, and community gardens. Half of it will be for young people and children and another half with older people.
We also will open a small restaurant neat the home with 20 guest rooms too for visitors to can stay there when they come to visit; they loved once.
Michelle finished her course and now starts to get ready for her nursing classes next year. Our gorgeous twins are getting more significant and very interesting. We plan to get a nanny for them to look after them when we are working. Monica has six teeth and Martin four. They are healthy babies and getting intense each day. We are so proud of Michelle that she gets two years in one to have time to prepare for her nursing next year. She chooses to become a nurse like us. We all will help her to get her dream to become real. Our families are supporting us with looking after the twins and our home.
Here is it and Leila coming to the office good morning, my lovely wife, how are you this morning?
- Good morning my gorgeous wife Alex. I am beautiful, and what about you, my darling? You are up so early today. I will make breakfast and will be awaiting you in the dining room.
Ok, my darling, I have to send a few more emails and will come to have breakfast with you and Michelle.
In the kitchen, Michelle was putting the coffee machine on when Leila get in.
-Good morning Leila, how are you today?
-Good morning Michelle, I am excellent thanks. What about you, sweetie?
-I am beautiful, says Michelle with smiles on her face.
-Where is Alex this morning?
-She is in the office working will be here soon. What you want for breakfast today? I was going to make pancakes and bacon and eggs.
-I will love to have some of it, thank you, with some fresh fruits too.
Here is coming, Alex, with a big grin on her face.
-Who says pancakes I love them? Says Alex.
-Breakfast will be ready in half an hour says, Leila.
She starts cooking and, at the same time, talking to the other two women. They made plans for the day and talk about their beautiful children. When breakfast was ready, they sit and eat it quietly. After breakfast, they clean the kitchen and go to get ready for the day and dress up the twins too. The twins will be at home with their grandparents until their moms come back from work. At ten o'clock, they have a meeting with the social workers and foster care staff in the office meeting room. They were talking about their few new kids who will arrive next morning to the agency to get into their foster families. After the meeting, they all go to the near restaurant and have lunch with the staff.
After lunch, they go back to the office to make some phone calls with the hospitals and care/ nursing homes. They have such a busy day and were so tired when they go back to the house. After supper, they watched some movies and then went to bed. Good night all see you soon.

Short story by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2020-03-25 at 19:09

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one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
You are three very busy young woman doing good work ~~~
a happy family.