Terrain view of Leila and Alex's first Nursing Home and private hospital by Ann Wood

The work at the agency is going very well, and there are already twenty children in foster care. Doctors and nurses work hard, in various hospitals, to build a nursing home for the elderly and children with disabilities. Leila and Alex also plan to build a small private hospital in parallel with the construction of the house.
It is Monday morning, and Leila, Alex, and Michelle are getting ready for breakfast and after that to goo out to view terrains for their project to build a private hospital and nursing/care home for young people and children and older adults. Martin and Monica will stay at home with their grandparents until their mommies are busy.
Leila is cooking breakfast when Alex and Michelle come in the kitchen, they both say good morning to Leila.
-Good morning ladies says Leila to them back, and breakfast will be ready in ten minutes, fresh coffee is on the table to help yourselves.
-Thank you! My darling says Alex to Leila.
-Thank you, Leila says Michelle too.
-You are more than welcome, ladies, and I hope that you both slept well last night?
-Yes, both answer at the same time.
They sit on the table and eat their breakfast, making plans for the day. After breakfast, they clean the kitchen and go to get ready for work. It will be a hectic day for them.
-Ladies should we use my car today because it is big and will be more comfortable for the journey says, Leila.
-Yes, darling says, Alex with a smile on her beautiful face.
They put everything they will need for the journey in Leila's car and start traveling.
The day is beautiful and sunny, and there are traffic jams at ten in the morning for Vancouver.
They will survey two grounds, one in the city center and the other close near the Virgin River. They will first view the one in the city center, then will go to see the one near the river.
Alex said that the river site place will be better for their project and that it is bigger than the one in the city center. What you think, girls?
Thinking right, Alex is right, Leila said, what you believe Michelle you are part of this family too?
I think that you both are right, and I loved that place from our first visit last week, says Michelle with a smile.
Well then, let's call the attorneys to prepare the purchase contract and get the building permit, says Leila to them.
Back in the car, they call their advocate and ask him to make the contract for the terrain near the Virgin River. When they finish the phone call, they go for lunch in a small restaurant neat by the Virgin River.
What do you will like for lunch, ladies say, Leila?
-I will like Caprese salad and roasted salmon with baby potatoes, grin beans, peas, baby carrots, and broccoli, says Michelle.
-For me, the same say, Alex.
-Okay, then I will have the same too and French village cake for dessert, for all of us.
They ate and made lively conversations, sipping on sparkling champagne, and making plans for their new project. Leila suggested they go to spa treatments and shopping therapy in the afternoon. And then they get a room in a hotel for one night, since the next day they still have to come back to sign the contracts.
After signing the contracts and transferring the land and money, they will hire a company to start construction of the hospital with three hundred beds and a three- hundred beds nursing house, and a hotel with thirty rooms and a restaurant to it.
Girls, let's have fun today. First, we'll get our hairstyles, manicures, pedicures, face masks, and body massages and then go shopping at the malls, Alex said. That's a good idea, and in the evening we can have dinner in the room and watch movies, Leila suggested. "I like both ideas," said Michelle.
All told and done, and the three young women indulged in fun and relaxation. They had fun doing the excellent job they did today.
In the evening, they stayed at a small hotel and ordered dinner in a room with a bottle of fruit wine and fresh fruit. After diner, they were watching movies on youtube tv channels. They went to bed early after Michell fell asleep almost instantly. Alex and Leila made love and slept close to each other.
The next morning they get a shower and dressed up and go down for breakfast. After breakfast, the young women left the hotel and go to the law office to sign the contracts. They spoke with the construction company and agreed to make the first dig next Monday. In the evening, they returned home tired, had dinner, and went to bed early.

Short story by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2020-03-28 at 03:35

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