First digs for construction of the hospital and the Nursing Home by Ann Wood

A week after they buy the land, they start digging and building their first own hospital and nursing home. Builders work hard, trucks with construction materials come to unload and leave again. Everyone is busy with different tasks.
Martin and Monica walking in the park near the home of Leila and Alex, with their new babysitter, Margaret, who is English and has been in Canada for one month. Margaret is a young girl of about twenty-three, the twins love her, and everyone is happy with the choice they have made. Margaret has a good voice and loves to sing. She knows many children's songs and sings them to the twins. She also writes children's stories that she read them to children, and they like them.
Margaret will live in the house with the three young women and twins, since the apartment is quite far from Leila's house, and they have to leave early every morning, and they decide to shelter her at home. That way, she won't have to pay rent and buy food. They also gave the room to the other side of the twin room. Margaret's bedroom has a beautiful view of the garden and the small lake in it. Margaret is delighted with her work and the place she has in the house.
Margaret is sitting on a bench in the park near the lake while Martin and Monica are sleeping. She read the last issue of a fashion magazine when she rang her phone in her bag. She looked at the screen and saw her mother calling from England. She picked up the phone and said, "Hi, how are you, mother?" IM happy to hear you. Mother also said hello, daughter I'm fine, how are you? How is your new job and life in Canada? Was she accustomed to climate and time difference? Margaret replies: -I'm fine, and the situation is adorable, the kids like me and the house of the family I work for is like a castle and very lovely. When we get home from the walk, I'll call you and show it on Skype.
After that, Margaret said she should close because the twins were asleep and did not want to wake them. They said goodbye, and the conversation ended.
Margaret stared out into the distance where a little girl was crying. Margaret got her magazine in her bag and walked to the child, pushing the twin cart. -Hello baby, why are you crying? Where is your mother? The little girl raised her head and still cried, "I got lost, miss." I was out with my baby sitter. I was running around the park and forgot which bench she was sitting in. Margaret introduced herself to the child, and told him not to cry, and that they would find the child the little girl's caretaker. He asked her what her name was, and the child answered that it was Lily. Margaret smiled at Lily and grabbed her arm. They were walking through the park, looking for the woman watching Lily. From one alley came a groomed woman of about forty years who called Lily's name. Margaret waved and said, here, don't run, so you don't fall. The woman cried when she saw little Lily, and Lily ran to her, apologizing for not being obedient today.
They say goodbye to each other and go back to what was doing early on. Margaret takes the babies at home. She makes them some lunch and feeds the twins. After lunch, she read some stories to Martin and Monica.
And at the construction site, the three young women were eating sandwiches and sipping on the lemonade they had made in the morning.
They discussed what they did and what they should do before the end of the day. Alex said he had to make a few phone calls, and then they could leave because there was nothing left to do today.
Alex had some quick conversations, and they headed to the agency where they had to meet a social worker for one of the new children, who would catch up tomorrow afternoon.
They just reached when the phone rang in the office. It was a social worker to say that she would be about an hour late, as she would first have to go through the child's home and pick it up one day earlier.
Leila asked what happened so quickly that the social worker would take the child from his home earlier than the answer. Social worker Linda said the child's parents suffered a road accident and taken to a life-threatening hospital. The three women remained frozen in silence and waited for Linda and little Mario's arrival. They reached six o'clock, and Mario was crying. Leila decided they would be Mario's foster family. They signed all the necessary documents and left the agency. Mario cried all the way. They hadn't arrived when the phone rang in the car. It was the social worker who called the hospital to let them know that both of Mario's parents had died during the surgeries they had had. Leila told her to prepare the boy's adoption papers in their name. At home, Leila hugged Mario and told him the bad news for his parents, but not to be sad as they would be his new parents. Mario cried and hugged each of them with gratitude that they were giving him a lovely new home. They all had dinner and then accommodated Mario, one of the guest rooms. They decided that the next day they would go out and shop for new furniture, toys, and clothes for Mario. Michelle took Mario and put him to sleep. He fell asleep immediately but cried all night.

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