Leila takes her family on vacation to Quebec by Ann Wood

Today is a beautiful sunny day, Layla and the other women are sitting in the kitchen talking. Leila offers to go on holiday in the French part of Canada and more precisely to visit Quebec. They plan to leave Vancouver early Monday morning. For this purpose, they have two days to fill the refrigerator and freezer with food and fresh fruits and vegetables from the farm in the nearby village. They also pack luggage for a holiday. They decided that they could work for one or two months while traveling in the French part of Canada.

When the children woke up and sat down to breakfast, Leila told them the news that they were going on vacation in two days. The children were very excited and happy to go on vacation. After breakfast, everyone went to the farm in the nearby village to get the provisions they would need for the trip. Then they went to get some things for camping and hiking. Then they will have lunch at Maggie's, and then the children want to go to the movies to watch Sleeping Beauty. They arrived at the farm at about ten; the farmer's wife was thrilled to see them again. Let them gather everything fresh from the garden. He slaughtered several chickens, a turkey, a duck, a lamb, and a pig, gave them fresh beef, eggs, flour, sugar, rice, milk, pickled cheese and yellow cheese, butter, berry jam, figs, cherries, and apricots. She also gave them homemade noodles, several pies with different fillings, homemade canned food, plum and apple jam, dried fruits, and homemade cakes and biscuits. They paid and thanked for the gifts given to them by the farming family. The children did not want to leave the farm, Leila promised them that when they returned from vacation, they would come to the farm again to examine the animals in it. They arrived in town for lunch, went shopping first, everything they needed, and headed for Maggie's for lunch. They ordered lamb pie in a rustic way, with baked vegetables, a country salad, and pancakes with maple syrup and ice cream. They ordered homemade lemonade for the children and wine for them.

They had lunch and talked about the weather and what they would do in the evening and the next day. At lunch, they paid the bill and ordered food to take home. They said they would pick her up after the movie. The meat they bought early today from the farm will also have to collect in the evening or the next day. The farmer will cut it into portions, clean the entrails, intestines, belly of the lamb and pig. They asked him to leave their heads for soup. The children ordered popcorn and strawberry frappe. The film was exciting, and the children had a lot of fun. After the movie, they went through Maggie's for dinner, and from there, they went back to the farm to pick up the meat. They returned at eight o'clock to dinner in the living room while watching a movie on Netflix. They went to bed at twelve and slept until the next morning.

On Sunday morning, after breakfast, they went for a walk in the park. They stood there for two hours playing badminton, tennis, the children riding bicycles in the park, kicking a ball, and flying kites. Margaret walked the twins in their stroller through the park, showing them various birds that flew past them. When they returned, they had lunch and then packed their bags for the trip. They refueled the PB with fuel and clean water, inspected the tires, and inflated it. When they got home, Alex ordered pizza for dinner. While waiting for the pizza to come, they played monopolies in the living room. They had dinner and then went to bed, got ready for bed, and took a shower. They went to bed early after a long day in the park and preparing for the trip the next morning.

On Monday morning, they get very early to have a shower and eat sandwiches for breakfast, with a cup of tea and fresh orange juice. After breakfast, Margaret washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen. After she goes and checks all doors and windows to see if they are close and lock, after she checks all electricity and gas that switched off, she put the alarm on and CCTV and stop the water.
When they start the journey, it was seven o'clock, it was rating, and Leila was driving slowly. Margaret, Michelle, and the kids were sitting on passages seats with seat belts, Alex was sitting on front passage seat next to her wife. She put the radio on and sip from her second cup of coffee.

Departing from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada continued to BC-99 S drove 17 minutes (9.4 km). They drove to the right and headed southwest on Howe St / BC-99 S to Robson St; after 900m, they kept to the left to continue on BC-99 S; they drove 6.8 km. Then they turned left on Park Dr, and after 800m, they turned right again on Oak St and drove 900m. From there, they followed I-5 S, I-90 E, and I-94 E to S Carferry Dr in Milwaukee, United States. Take exit 3 of I-794 E, and the journey will last 31 hours (3418 km). As they travel with young children, they will have to stop to rest often and make driver changes. They kept to the left to continue on the BC-99 S after 40.8 km; they entered the United States (Washington). They drove straight and stayed on I-5 S 150 km. They used the two right lanes to take exit 182 for Interstate 405 S to Bellevue / Renton; after 1.4 km, they went through the roundabout and drove straight. I entered the I-405 S drove so 29.3 km. They then used the three right lanes to take exit 11 to flow into I-90 E to Spokane after passing through Idaho and entered Montana. They stopped for lunch and refilled the tank. The rain had stopped, and the sun was showing behind the clouds. They had chicken pop pie with potato salad, blueberry pie with cream for dessert. They drank homemade lemonade.

After lunch, Margaret washed the dishes and put the leftovers from lunch in the refrigerator. Alex sat down to drive the road they will travel to is 938 km. They kept to the right at the fork to continue on I-90 124 km. Then they kept to the left to stay on I-90 E 252 km. In the middle of the road, Alex stopped to rest and refresh himself. They huddled around the bus, ate apple strudel with coffee and hot chocolate for the children. After the break, Margaret started driving. After driving 252 km, they kept to the left to continue on I-94 E. Passing through North Dakota, and they entered Minnesota, where they will stay overnight in a parking lot at the end of the city. They dined on the pie the farmer's wife had given them and made themselves a spring salad. For dessert, they had fresh fruit and homemade lemonade. They watched a little TV and then went to bed, fell asleep once they went to bed.

On next morning, they start to travel early, to avoid the traffic. Today Michelle was driving. They ate pasta and cheese for breakfast before setting off again. Today they have to cover 1220 km, if not more. They kept to the right to stay on I-94 E 94.9km. Then they kept to the left to stay on I-94 E 10.9 km. They kept to the left at the fork to continue on I-694 E for 20.8 km. At the next bend, they kept to the right to stay on I-694 E for 17.5 km. They continued to the right on I-494 S, and after 120 m, they turned right and took exit 58B for I-94 E to Madison after 450 m. At the fork, they kept to the left, following the signs for Radio Dr and merged on I-94 E. in Wisconsin. There they took a short break and refreshed themselves with coffee and tea for the children and biscuits.

After the break, Leila was driving for the rest of 326km. She kept to the left to continue on I-90 E / I-94 E after 72.9 km before passing the fork, she stopped to rest and refresh again. It was time for lunch, eating sandwiches, and chicken soup. For dessert, they had grapes and raspberry nectar. Alex washed the dishes and put the children to bed for the afternoon. It was Alex's turn to drive after the lunch break. At the fork, she kept to the left to continue on I-94 E, following the signs for Milwaukee to continue driving 113km. He then followed to the left to stay on I-794 E, following the signs for Interstate 794 E / Lakefront / Port of Milw 1.5 km. From there, she used the right lane to stay on I-794 E, and after 300m, She kept to the right to stay on I-794 E 3.2km. At the fork, it took exit 3 to the Port of Milwaukee square 850m. Continue on S Carferry Dr to Milwaukee - Muskegon drives 2 min (1.1 km).
Use the right lane to turn left on the S Carferry Dr drive 500m and then turn left on the S Lincoln Memorial Dr 110m. Then she turned right again, and after 180m from the new to the left to Ferry Loading after 84m, she drove to the right and continued on Ferry Loading 68m. Then continue straight on Exit Rte, and after 140m, they boarded the ferry Milwaukee - Muskegon to Muskegon. They paid a toll. They traveled by ferryboat for 2h 50min 133km. They entered Michigan, where they would spend the night. They had an omelet and a tomato salad for dinner, and a cherry pie for dessert. Leila washed the dishes, and everyone was watching TV. At eleven o'clock they went to bed, for the next day they had a long way to go again.

On next morning, Leila was made pancakes and bacon with scrambled eggs; also, they have a cup of tea. After breakfast, Margaret was driving the first part of the new journey. They set off on US-31 BUS S / Seaway Dr to I-96 E in Norton Shores and drove 13 minutes 11.3 km. Then they continued straight 450m. Then she turned right and continued on Estes St for 83m. From there, turn left onto Lakeshore Dr 650m, then continue straight on W Laketon Ave 1.7km. Now turn right onto the US-31 BUS S / Seaway Dr 8.4km. They continued on I-96 E. They went on I-69 E, ON-402 E, ON-401 E, and Route Transcanadienne to Boulevard Champlain / QC-136 E in Sainte-Foy, Québec, Canada. They take exit 132 from Autoroute 73 N; on this route, they will drive 13h 5min 1404km. They kept to the left to continue on I-96 E 142 km. Then at the fork, they took exit 89 to enter I-69 E to Flint and drove another 193 km. Before the next branch, they stopped to rest and have spaghetti with vegetable ragout and cabbage salad. And for dessert, they had fresh cherries.

After lunch, Michelle, clean the table and washed the dishes. Alex starts driving this time. She, at the next fork, use the left lane to take exit 199 for Interstate 94 E / Interstate 69 E / Interstate 69 Business Loop to Canada / Downtown / Port Huron 1.0km. Then he kept to the left, following the signs for I-94 E / I-69 E / M-25 / Canada / Lexington and merged onto I-94 E, paid the toll and drove 5.1 km. Then he continued to drive straight on Bluewater Bridge E 1.1 km. Pay a new fee and move on. From there, they entered Canada (Ontario). Then they continued straight on Bluewater Bridge E / ON-402 E 1.0 km. They paid the toll again and continued on their way. They kept to the left to stay on the ON-402 E 103km, once again paying a fee. After the roundabout, they continued to drive straight and entered the ON-401 E 156 km. Shortly before they flew, they stopped to rest and refresh themselves with homemade lemonade. Twenty minutes later, they set off again. Leila was behind the wheel. They kept to the left to continue on the Ontario 401 Express 7.8 km. And from there, 6.2 km, they drove straight on the ON-401 E. At the fork, I kept to the left to continue on the Ontario 401 Express, following the signs for the 401 E 43.8 km. At the roundabout, they went straight into the ON-401 E 319km. At the fork, I kept to the left to stay on the ON-401 E. 109km. They entered Quebec, then continued straight on Autoroute 20 for 27.5km. At the junction, they used the two right lanes to take exit 29 to L'aéroport international Montréal-Mirabel / Autoroute 40 / Ottawa / Gatineau / Montréal after 2.1 km. After that, at the roundabout, they drove straight and entered Autoroute 30 3.6 km. At the junction, they used the two left lanes to take the exit to Autoroute 40 E / Montréal 1.0 km. Then they turned right and continued on Route Transcanadienne E / Autoroute 40 E for 477.5 km. At the junction, they used the two right lanes to take exit 80-S to flow into Route Transcanadienne / Autoroute 25 S to Tunnel Louis-Hippolyte La Fontaine / Autoroute 20 S 8.9 km. Then they continued straight on Route Transcanadienne / Autoroute 20 E 222km. At the junction, they used the two left lanes to take the 312N exit to flow into the Autoroute 73 N to Québec / Pont Pierre-Laporte 3.6km.
At the fork, they turned right and took exit 132 to enter Boulevard Champlain / QC-136 E 400m. Followed QC-136 E to its direction in La Cité-Limoilou 15min (12.8km). They passed the crossroads to the right and entered Boulevard Champlain / QC-136 E 12.3 km. They continued on the QC-136 E 450m; from there, they turned right at Rue Saint Thomas, and after 10m, they reached their final destination Quebec, Canada. It was two o'clock in the morning when they arrived in Quebec. They went to bed and fell asleep instantly, and they were exhausted. Because they made frequent stops to rest, they traveled for nearly five days.

On Friday, they slept almost all day. When they got up, it was past noon, and they were eating the lasagna they had left the day before. After lunch, they took the children to play in a nearby park. At four, they went to get fresh bread, fruits, and vegetables from a nearby supermarket. For dinner, they cooked grilled fish and potato salad. As the evening was warm, they sat outside for dinner. After dinner, Alex washed the plates and grill while Margaret bathed the children and put them to bed. Then they watched TV until late. When they went to bed, it was one past midnight.

Short story by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2020-05-19 at 09:05

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jim The PoetBay support member heart!
You make a road trip sound fun, reminding me of trips I used to take. But, I'm exhausted from five days on the road!