There stay in Nova Scotia by Ann Wood

On Monday morning, they have breakfast and get their way to Nova Scotia to visit Leila's sister Mellanie. They will stay for a week or two there and, after that, will back to the Quebec region. The weather is raining today, but they are happy. It is still early, and kids back to bed for a nap. Leila is on the driving seat and driving slowly because of the rain. Alex is working in the office, answering a few emails and phone calls. Margaret and Michelle are watching the morning news. Merge onto Pont Pierre-Laporte / Autoroute 73 S in Sainte-Foy from QC-136 O for 15min 12,8km. Head south on Quai Saint-André / QC-136 O for 10m. Turn left at the 1st cross street onto Quai Saint-André / QC-136 O after 450m, use any lane to turn right onto Rue Dalhousie / QC-136 O, and continue onto QC-136 O for 12,0km. Use the right path to merge onto Pont Pierre-Laporte / Autoroute 73 S at the junction with Autoroute 20 / Montréal / Rivière-du-Loup for 400m. After over an hour of driving, they stop to fill the RV with petrol and get rest. Kids are still asleep, and they get coffee and today's newspaper from the gas station.

After they fill the tank and get refreshed with a cup of tea and sandwiches, they start traveling again. Follow Autoroute 73 S to Rang St Antoine / QC-204 O in Saint-Georges 51 min (90.0 km). The kids were awake and playing in the room. Margaret is reading a story to the twins, and Michelle is working on her laptop. Alex is driving, and Leila is on the phone with one of the social workers discuss a new case. It is about a young girl who is run from home and social service looking for a foster care place where she can stay until her situation is sorted. Leila call from another phone to Amanda, one of long term foster care if she can get the young girl with her? Amanda was happy to help, and they arrange with a social worker to got and take the young girl to Amanda's home. When all was sorted, Leila closes the lines and go to the kitchen to make herself a cup of coffee. They enter the Pont Pierre-Laporte / Autoroute 73 S and Continue on Autoroute 73 S 2.5 km.
Then use the middle lane to stay on the Autoroute 73 S 300m after that, Alex keep left to stay on Autoroute 73 S. for 87.2 km. They stop for lunch and to rest. They have pizza for lunch and spring salad; after the finish, their lunch Michelle wash the dishes and clean the dining table. Margaret gets to the driving seat and starts driving. She merges onto I-95 N in Howland, United States from QC-173 S, US-201 S, and ME-15 S / ME-6 E for 3h 34min 259km. After that, they stop for the night in Howland and stay in the car park at the end of the town. They eat dinner and watched telly and at ten o'clock they go to bed.

The next morning they start traveling early to avoid the traffic. Michelle is driving continue on I-95 N. Drive from Trans-Canada Hwy, NS-104 E, and NS-102 S to Bedford, Canada. Take output 3 of the NS-102 S for 6h 20min 676km. Just before entering Canada, they stop for lunch and to fill the tank with fuel. After the break, Alex gets into driving seat and starts driving Enter I-95 N; they are entering Canada (New Brunswick) for 141 km. Then continue onto NB-95 E for 14.1 km, and take the NB-2 E / TC exit to Fredericton for 450m. After that, on roundabout Enter Trans-Canada Hwy / NB-2 E for 92.2 km. They keep right at the fork to stay on Trans-Canada Hwy / NB-2 E, follow signs for Trans Canada Highway / Saint John Moncton / NB-7 / Moncton 235km, and they enter Nova Scotia. Here they to for the night and in the morning will continue. The kids were so tired from the long journey, and after dinner, go to bed and fall asleep. The four young women go to bed early too. They chose the longest route to Nova Scotia that they can see more new places.

After breakfast the next morning, Leila gets into the driving seat and starts driving. She continues onto Trans-Canada Hwy / NS-104 E for 900 m, and take Exit 1B to stay on Trans-Canada Hwy / NS-104 E Toll road for 105 km. Here they stop to pay road fees and to change drivers. Margaret is now driving and take exit 15 for NS-102 to Halifax / Truro for 850m. Then continue straight onto NS-102 S for 74.1km. Then keep right at the fork to stay on NS-102 S for 12.8 km, and take Exit 3 for NS-213 to Nova Scotia Trunk 2 / Hammonds Plains Rd / Bedford for 350 m. After that, keep left at the fork and follow signs for Atlantic Acres / Business Park / Hammonds Plains Road / Nova Scotia 103 / Nova Scotia 213 for 65 m, and continue onto Hammonds Plains Rd / NS-213 W towards your destination in Hammonds Plains for 11 min (9.2 km). They get in Nova Scotia Canada park in the car park for the night, and the next morning will go to visit Leila's sister Mellanie.

On next morning they get up late, have breakfast and go for a walk after that. Leila call her sister to ask her when they can meet? Mellanie tells her that she will be free the next day, and they can meet her in her home. They talk a bit longer and than say see you later and close the line. They go to the nears park, and kids play on the sandbox, and the four women sit on the bench nearby. The weather is beautiful, and they stay in the park the whole morning. For lunch, they back to the RV, and Alex made omelets and salad for their lunch. After lunch, they go for a walk to the town center to get some new clothes for the children and themselves too. They visit a few shops and after that have tea break-in the bistro near the shopping center. After that, they go back to the car park where they park their RV. In the evening they play some board games before their supper and after that watch a movie on Netflix. When they go to bed, it was after midnight.

The next day after breakfast, they go to visit Mellanie, they will park the RV in her back yard. Mellanie is waiting for them outside in the front garden. They park in the back yard and meet Mellanie in the front garden. The kids were running around the garden when the adults have a cup of tea on the veranda. At lunchtime, they eat outside in the garden Mellanie was made a chicken pop pie with mashed potatoes and green salad. For dessert, they have mixed berries pie with ice cream.
After lunch, they are swimming in the pool and sunbathing. At three in the afternoon, they have a cup of tea with cake. For supper, they will have a BBQ in the garden.
At the end of the evening, they will have a movie night. When they go to bed, it was 23:40h.

They spend a few days with Mellanie and visit a few museums and a picnic. They will go back to Quebec a week after they visit Mellanie. They use the same journey rout. They will stay a few more weeks in there before they go back to Vancouver.

Short story by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2020-06-20 at 01:00

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Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
I hope that you are all enjoying and like Laila and Alex story. It will be more soon. Have a nice day and weekend everyone with love Annie