They are returning to Vancouver by Ann Wood

After three long months, they finally go back to Vancouver. It was a long journey back home. They were using the same route from which they came three months ago. This time Mellanie goes with them to visit them for a few weeks. They stop in a few places for an overnight. They travel over a week because they stay for a day in Nova Scotia, to collect Mellanie. When they arrive in Vancouver, they had a surprise welcome back home party from their parents. The kids were so happy to see their grandparents and the rest of the family. They took a week off to relax from the long journey. They had a lot of visitors, friends and relatives came to see them and congratulated them on the new projects they had started. A week later, Laila and Alex returned to work. Their first few days were fulfilled with meetings and gatherings to catch up with the job. Video chat with construction companies in Nova Scotia and Quebec. The children were busy visiting relatives, and Margaret taught them music and drawing lessons, Michelle helped Alex and Layla at the agency, and Mellanie visited her parents for a week and a few old friends from college. When Mellany returned to Leila and Alex's house, she set about helping Margaret in the house. The children loved her company, and she prepared the delicacies for them in the kitchen. The weather was good, and they often went for a walk to the park or visited a museum and the zoo. Mellany decided to stay until the twins' birthday, which is two months away. She will also spend the holidays with her family in Vancouver.

For Halloween, they made great costumes and a party. Everyone was very busy preparing for the holiday. The children collected a lot of delicacies and gifts. The time before the day of Thanksgiving, they spent on work and preparations for the holiday. They went on vacation to the hut by Lake Burnaby for a week. They set off early Monday morning and headed northeast on Hornby St to W Georgia St / BC-1A / BC-99 N for 32 seconds 120m. Then they turned right on W Georgia St / BC-1A / BC-99 S and continued on W Georgia St / BC-1A for 3 minutes 1.5 km. Then they went on Prior St to E Hastings St for 5 minutes (2.4 km), kept to the left to continue on Georgia Viaduct for 500 m.
Then they continued straight on Prior St for 1.0 km, continued on Venables St for 400 m, and then turned left on Clark Dr for 500 m and followed by E Hastings St and Trans-Canada Hwy / BC-1 E to Sprott St in Burnaby. They took exit 32 from Trans-Canada Hwy / BC-1 E in 12 minutes (9.8 km). Turn right onto E Hastings St for 3.3 km, then turn right onto the BC-1 E / Trans Canada Highway for 550 m. At the roundabout, enter Trans-Canada Hwy / BC-1 E for 5.6 km, then took exit 32 to Sprott St for 400 m. They took Kensington Ave and Winston St to Lozells Ave in 7 minutes (4.6 km), turned left onto Sprott St for 600 m. They used any lane to turn left on Kensington Ave 1.0 km. They turned slightly right onto the BC-7 E / Lougheed Hwy to Winston St for 400 m. From there, they turned right onto Sperling Ave for 140 m and continued on Winston St for 2.1 km. Then they turned right on Lozells Ave for 300 meters. They reached the hut by Lake Burnaby shortly after eight in the morning.

They settled in the hut and had breakfast with scrambled eggs, sausages and bacon. After breakfast, they went for a boat trip on the lake. When they returned to the hut, it was lunch, and they had lunch on the porch. After lunch, they spent in the room for entertainment and games. They watched a movie and had fun. Mellanie played the piano, and everyone sang songs. For dinner, the hut's wife had made wild duck pie. They went to bed early so they could go fishing early the next morning. The week passed quickly and filled with lots of fun and walks around the lake and nearby villages.

When they returned to Vancouver, they set to work on a new project for a new home for children with lung disease. While in the hut, they bought a property near it. Their business is expanding, and they are proud of their achievements.

On the morning of Thanksgiving, they began to prepare for the festive dinner. Their parents had come to spend the holiday with them. They were very busy with the preparations but also in an excellent mood. And remove three large turkeys, as there will be many people and therefor all. In addition to turkeys, they prepared many other dishes and salads.

In the evening, everyone sat in the large dining room and dined on various topics. Then they played different party games. The children sang songs and performed a play based on a tale by the Brothers Grimm.

The time until Christmas, they were spent on work and preparations for the holidays. Leila and Alex organized parties for their employees and patients from the hospital and homes for children and the elderly with disabilities.

They spent Christmas and New Year with their parents at Laila and Alex's home. Margaret's parents had also arrived from the UK with her brother and sister. They all stayed with them until the twins' birthday. They went to a concert by a local rock band. Also, at the theater and watching the Little Match Saleswoman, they visited the Christmas Bazaar, an exhibition of paintings made by children with disabilities from the school next to their hospital. One day they went to the ice rink to skate. Everyone was pleased and happy to be together for the holidays.

The days after the New Year and before the twins' birthday, they decided to travel around Vancouver. One day they went to Queen Elizabeth Park, where they spent walks and games. The next day they went to Kitsilano Beach. They had rented several bungalows for a few days. They loved to travel and visit beautiful places. They returned to Vancouver a few days before the twins' birthday.

They hired a catering and puppeteer, a clown and a magician to entertain guests and children. The birthday of the twins, they were spent on many games and surprises for the children.

Mellanie left for Nova Scotia the next day after the twin's birthday. She flew there, and when she got home, she called her parents and sister. He told them that the trip had gone well and that he would visit the construction site in Nova Scotia the next day and go to Quebec next week to inspect the construction site.

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