This one's about a relationship gone stale.

My lover doesn't talk of love

My lover doesn't talk of love
Talk is cheap
We'd rather dance
Cheek to cheek

And as we sway
Floorboards creak
Each time he smiles
My knees go weak

I fell in love
With his technique
Dimple chin
Such a geek

We slurp spaghetti
From the same bowl
Not caring that our
Love is old

Fingers criss-crossed
On each other's souls
Moonlight hides
The presence of mold

My lover doesn't talk of love,
Or expiration dates or
Empty fridges or
Rusty gates

Nothing lasts forever though
How hard is it for me to say no?

Poetry by Inspired
Read 219 times
Written on 2020-09-14 at 22:15

Tags Love  Relationships  Forever 

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This would make an excellent song! Something like Cole Porter but brought up to date!

Confession: I love the spaghetti.