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NOTE:  2021 03 22  15H01 EST  Capitale-Nationale? -



- had a discussion with a friend about this Capitale-Nationale business, who surprisingly went into the spiel about our French "nation", our pride, our roots, as if there was no political sentiment to what he was telling me, and as if I wasn't French.  I don't care about the political side of things.  Separatist camp or the others.  I was referring to the actual meaning of words... "National" belongs to country, not province, so it's just incorrect to say otherwise? ...


When you enter the city of Québec

There are road signs welcoming

Drivers into the Capitale-Nationale.


When you fill out a form online

And need to select your region

The only choice is Capitale-Nationale.


When you receive mail brochures

Espousing the beauties of my city

The official logo is Capitale-Nationale.


It may not be very Québécois

To say this, but has everyone

Fallen onto their heads, or what?


Québec city is NOT the capitale nationale!

The national capital has always been Ottawa!

So annoying all of this sanctioned nonsense.


When I object, I'm promptly put in my place,

And explained about our French nation,

As if I'm not from the French nation...


Born and raised here; my last name wears an accent aigu;

I started learning English when I was twelve.

Sure, I wouldn't understand about all that.


It's just that, dans les faits, irrefutable ones,

Our capital has never been the national capital.

Last I've ever known, Québec is part of Canada,


And Québec city is just the capital of the PROVINCE.

It gets on my nerves when the untrue's so nonchalantly made

Into every day normal as if it was anything close to truth.

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Written on 2021-03-23 at 12:49

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Jamsbo Rockda The PoetBay support member heart!
I understand why you are annoyed. It's like they live in an alternate reality called denial. :)

josephus The PoetBay support member heart!
Quebec also has the National Assembly rather than a provincial legislature. And the National Assembly has a President. Certainly rather grandiose! But then again this IS Quebec where Quebecers refer to themselves as Les Canadiens while they refer to the population of all other provinces are referred to as Les Autres

Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
On the battlefield, sentiments nearly always triumph over facts.

I liked hearing this poem. Many thanks! ("Hearing" in my mind, but nonetheless, the voice was companionable!)