Only a Stranger...

I have cancelled my past...
at least I've tried,
I've outcast of my spirit
the odour of my land,
The face of my mother,
forgotten the sun, the dust, my youth...

Believing to find a free life...
I am someone from nowhere
Lost, hesitating,
I tread this so called friendly land
and nevertheless...
Only a stranger I am...

Lend me a piece of your sky,
lend me a sincere smile,
a murmur, a look,
lend me life, some hope,
the dignity to be a man,
to be a creature of this world...
from whose womb springs
the seed of life...yours and mine!

Poetry by Danny...
Read 865 times
Written on 2005-08-18 at 12:06

Tags Hope 

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Commentally Ill
hello stranger! here, have a piece of sky, and a smile, they are exceptionally good with gravy and bread.

I liked it, though you repeated yourself few times. One thing just disturbed me, the three full stops/points whatever. They just started to bother me, off course they are good to use once or twice when you want to create more harmony but... naa... I dunno, just irritated me a bit. :) really good text though: "lend me a sincere smile,
a murmur, a look," - so much feeling in the words.