' A Poisonous Sleep...! '

When hope wakes up within me,
I can find myself dreaming
of the flight of my soul.
When I feel anxiety in my heart
for that painful slavery
that brings tears and desire to love again,
I look for you in the darkness of my mind
and I recall the sound of your voice.

When I feel that time has not yet
won its battle against me...
I roll all my thoughts into a ball
as if they were made of paper
and I abandon these words to wander
in a space where your sight is absent.

I would like to forget my dreams and sighs
and drown in this sea of useless hopes,
I would like to fill my mouth
with dust and earth...
I would like to thrust my fingernails
into this accursed silence
and lacerate it to pieces.

I am giving birth to these feelings
to denude my heart of a coldness
that I have deep inside me...
and to allow that a poisonous sleep
insinuates itself under my eyelids...!

Poetry by Danny...
Read 809 times
Written on 2009-07-25 at 21:09

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Wow Danny...the first verse totally transfixed me, the second broke my heart, the third reminded me of the agony of separation...mainly the silence. The forth verse, comfirmed the curse could not be worse...A Poisonous Sleep, is better than no sleep at all.

Great work, not read you here before, so welcome to poetbay, hoping you will enjoy and stay.

Smiling at you