Oh! life

If the night
steals my sleep
the day
laughs at me in face.

Out of place
every where,
wandering I go
and the cold destination
is approached.

Oh! life,
I should have loved you...

Beautiful you are,
but blind and deaf
to your calls
I had been...

Now your back
you turn to me
and warmly
you are getting away
far from me.

Oh! life,
I should have loved you...

Poetry by Danny...
Read 1049 times
Written on 2005-09-26 at 13:58

Tags Sadness 

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Amanda K
we feel things when we lose them.your words were really touching.

keep it up Danny,

wow, what a romantic nostalgic expression.
nice piece.

So much deep and quiet sadness in this text!

"You are, I had been, should have..."

I really like all of the different "tense" words, it makes the poem sounds really rhythmic when read aloud.