A ghazal in English...! Amanush is my penname whenever I write in Hindi and Urdu language...!

' Set Your Heart Free...! '

Life in a rigid shell must be as hell, Amanush
Free your heart and allow it to yell, Amanush

The past is over, the future is not yet ensured
This present ought to be used well, Amanush

Each has a single date but time is not yet ripe
To time's tail, no one can tie a bell, Amanush

Was too much love that caused pride to swell
Do tell in some ghazal what befell, Amanush

Emanated feelings of sincere hearts are divine
Scent of true love is the best smell, Amanush

Whose splendour excels in nature's every cell
His Perfect name 'Love' let us spell, Amanush


Poetry by Danny...
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Written on 2009-08-16 at 21:27

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