' I Don't Need You Anymore..! '

No, I won't cry anymore...!

But I will close my heart again
so that all can see only
what I want others to see.

I won't open again my heart
to hope, to the charms of a dream of love,
to the embrace of your arms
that surrounded my waist,
to your sweet lips that whispered
words of love between a kiss and another.

Master of love, sublime poet...
You who tuned up your songs
and wrote your poems only for me,
you are the guilty one...
Yes ... Love, only you.

You always entangle me
to make me suffer as every time
that I have listened to your voice
full of sorcery.

You are a firefly
mistaken for lighthouse,
You are a lost illusion
among dunes of the desert sand
Enough, I don't want you...
Go away... Stupid Cupid,
Only poisoned arrows you give to me,
I don't need you anymore...

Poetry by Danny...
Read 764 times
Written on 2009-07-27 at 21:16

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"You are a firefly/mistaken for a lighthouse" - that's a great line.

Ah but we need love ... and he knows it when he comes knocking at our door again, the bastard! ;-)