spousal abuse goes on in our society...the perpetrators and victims are people we least expect

Wife Beater

you cut the image of a lover who is dedicated
to his wife...to her life...to the family
but no one really knows the reality
you treat her like dirt
snuff the life out of her
she puts a lot of make up to cover the scars
you inflict with your fists and the verbal abuse
you justify your actions...claim she had it coming
thats not suave...smooth and sophisticated
your actions are rough...crude and so outdated
there is no prestige in beating up the love of your life
the mother of your children...the source of so much happiness
in doing so you lack respect for yourself
you lack respect for your children
you lack respect for life itself
wife beater...great pretender
cutting a picture of harmony on the inside
but on the inside you are a menace
get a hold of yourself
before you beat your wife to pulp

Poetry by Mike
Read 581 times
Written on 2006-06-22 at 08:31

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liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
Well done for the topics you
write about -
they are real eye-openers and make you think.


Very good..this is a subject that plagues every society. Thank you for writing about it.

Love Knight
that is deeeeeeeep. man i feel the same as you, a female is supposed to be treated with respect, the respect of an angel, man i love that you feel the same way. so was up?

The Charmed One
i like that you put a lot of heart in that poem. i feel the same way when it come down to that. Will you add to me as a friend?