Hope you like this one being dyslexic 

Took me six hours to write.

About the A.A


Well look at that, Arose from my sleep.

Heard a sound, Took a binocular peep.

Alligators laughing and joking,

Not one had the blues.

When I looked closely;

All of the alligators,

Were wearing crocodile shoes.


Some not one pair but two,

So I went to crocodile lair.

Explaining who took there shoes, 

The crocodiles full of dispair. 

Said when they took'em off,

At night. They put them

Under their chairs.


With crocodiles the shiniest pair,

Helped them find a match.

Without those shoes,

No Lady Crocs they would catch.


Now with a plan I did hatch,

Even though the fineness it lacks.

The Crocs put it in motion,

T'was sure to win the lady Crocs back.


They pretended to party,

most of the day and the night.

Swigging back alcohol flowing,

To the alligators, It must have

Looked a wonderful sight.


They slinked in during that night,

Found many a barrel of beer 

and wine, Carrying them quietly

to their camp. until they got near.


The rest of the alligators cheered,

When they saw sandwiches and beer.

Alligators felt they were having a ball,

They were having a party for one and all.


Man can be devious at any old time,

So I crushed some sleeping pills.

In the sandwiches,  Beer and the wine.

The crocs were angry at the alligator swine.


Crocodiles hunted for their shoes,

They were nowhere to be found.

Maybe they sold them,

To the traders in town.


For revenge they stole,

All the alligator belts.

To let the alligators know;

At stealing from one another,

It really felt lower than low.



The alligators we're going to sell,

The crocodile shoes in the town.

But every step that they took,

Their trousers fell down.


Realising the crocodiles,

Must have set a trap.

Only thing left for them to do,

Was to take back the crocodile shoes.


So they decided to parley,

For them it was beautiful and new.

The alligators got their belts,

The crocodiles got their shoes.


From the day they decided to trade,

They kept an alliance to this veritable day.

If you go out croc or gator hunting,

It may keep you bewildered and amused.

To catch a crocodile with an alligator belt,

Or an alligator with a pair of crocodile shoes.


As for me I meet the king and queen

of crocodile land. They said,

 I could have anything that I choose,

I ended up with the sweetest pair,

Of crocodile shoes.

Oh the tears that I felt;

When one of the alligators gifted me,

One of their belts.


What about my snake skin hat,

Not all things in life go to plan.

That would have to be another story.

That I would have to spin,

For the airports customs man.






Poetry by Alan J Ripley The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 28 times
Written on 2022-05-09 at 00:09

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Uncle Meridian The PoetBay support member heart!
I cherish the irrepressible humour of this and of all your poems!