Was it love?

She said...

I don't love you
The way you love me,
You don't love me 
The way I do!

You are an angel
Would spread your wings
To guard me against
All earthly things!

I'm this kiddo!
Searching answers
For those questions
Popping up in my mind
N number of times!

I would cover you up
With an aura of love
Just by my imagination
Binding us till eternity!

Yes, we are in love.
We show it in our own ways!
I don't love you
The way you love me,
You don't love me 
The way I do!

Still not an end...

It was short-lived,
but a true one,
Love that he showered
stayed with her forever!

He would be encircled by
All those tiny love bubbles
That she would send to him
Just by her imagination!

She would want
the same from him,
She waited, for days
But the only answer
That he would give is
Time! Let it come!!

Time which runs,
Never comes back my dear
Make the most out of it
When it's apt!

She said poetically!
Now waiting for a response!

Anaxiphilia it was
She had fallen in love
With the wrong person

Poetry by Nkp
Read 125 times
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Written on 2022-09-17 at 10:44

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You write of something surely all of us can understand—the mysteries and vagaries of love. Well done and welcome!