im a nature fanatic. i jsut got carried away last night when i was trying to sleep, the sounds of jackhammers filled my head giving me a splitting headache.

she doesnt deserve this

i fall asleep to the sweet sound of constuction
a constant reminder of where we're headed
the world, once fresh and green
now a winding maze of greys and silvers
flowing this way and that
like an ancient river
shining black in the acid rain
no life comes from it
only the vapors that choke the earth
wilting forests
once upon a time they stood strong
like a noble army of the earth
standing for what was right.
now they fall
the claws of mankind
tearing, upturning the earth
where they once stood
its all for the greater good, tho
the people need shelter
who needs trees when you have ticky taky houses?
but what of the animals?
where will they go
forced so rudely from their rightful home
we claim we are smarter
yes, we are very smart.
always thinking of the greater good
but what is the greater good?
surely, tis our survival
but correct me if i am mistaken
but cant we not survive without the earth?
our destructive ways
have cleared the path for our downfall
but no one sees this
they cannot see past the smog
to the west, the sun sets
behind the magestic mountains
almost forgotten
they were here before us
and they should be here after us, as well
mother earth. she gave us food to eat
clean water to drink
shelter from the rain.
and how do we repay her?
we just cause her pain.
she doesnt deserve this.

Poetry by andrea
Read 721 times
Written on 2006-06-24 at 22:42

Tags Pollution  Earth  Construction 

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Wow-ee. Powerful. I'll be putting up some poems I wrote long ago on similar lines. And yes, I hate jackhammers too - day and night.

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
This is one powerful write Andrea! You said so much with so much wisdome and eloquence. Bravo! kathy