A poem based off Koushun Takami's Battle Royale and the manga series under the same title. Written for a last assigntment in Creative Writing for Highschool, since then I've modified it to flow a bit better and added several lines as well.

Can you feel?

Gun in my hand
Finger on the trigger
Here I stand;
Before the guilty man.
No, you're not a man, you're just a boy.
Just like me, just a kid.
Just like us all, used as a Government's Toy
to play this game of life or death.
We were the pawns in this game of chess.

You and I are the same.
We were classmates once,
Even though we only knew each other by name.
But still, you're just a kid like me!
Then how did this come to be?
This game is the one I should blame.
Created by the government to put us kids back in place,
showing us the cruel reality, we were forced to face.
The reality in which how far will some go in order to survive
a game where only can win and leave alive.

Why did you fall into the Government's game?
Why did you betray us all?
Have you've gone insane!?
How could you bring our class's downfall?
You were a straight A student, a prodigy!
So why now is there a gun between you and me?!
What went wrong Kiriyama?
What Happened to you?
Was it something that none of our classmates knew?

Tears fill my eyes,
As I remember all the bodies,
the bodies of the ones that died.
My classmates, my friends,
The majority of them, died by your hands.
Kawada told me once before, he said
that you, Kiriyama, were already dead.
Dead on the inside, nothing but a shell,
You turned into the grim reaper,
Once you stepped into this game of hell.

Can you feel Kiriyama?
Can you feel the pain?
Can you even comprehend what you've done inside your brain?!
Can you feel the guilt? The remorse?
No you can't of course.
You never showed a inch of emotion, never laughed nor smiled.
Not even for these kills, you show no denial.
Can you see how many fingers are on this trigger?
Do you feel the pain of those you've killed?
Has you're satisfaction been fulfilled?!

Too many have died here,
Some lost their way in fear,
while others yielded to the pain.
Some even tried to do the right thing.
Some thought they had all the right answers,
while others believed in broken prayers.
Then there were those who trusted too little,
And yet they cared too much.
Then there was the one who was kind and strong,
did all that he could do, to find and protect his secret crush.

So tell me Kiriyama, how many fingers are here?
Here on this one trigger.
Can you feel now? The pain? The fear?
This is it. This is the end.
I'm sorry Kiriyama, forgive me Please.
But this is for my fallen friends.


I hear the ringing of the shot, I see the blood.
Tears, once again fill my eyes,
as I stand here and watch you die.
I call to you; over and over again
I stare into the deep pools of your eyes.
Staring into the eyes of my first kill.
All the anger mixed with confusion and sadness,
I could no longer conceal.
Suddenly I hear a faint dying voice...

"Shuuya, I can feel"

Poetry by Jordanna
Read 1002 times
Written on 2006-06-25 at 01:09

Tags Angst  Tragedy  Dark 

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Zoya Zaidi
Dear Jordanna,
This is so well written, it has flow, you tell a story well. It keeps the interest of the audience, which its very important in telling a story; and to tell a story well you have to be very good technically, and you are. You also must have a good racy subject matter, and you have. It is a very good take on the bang kids of today who are deeply misunderstood; and nobody tries to analyse: "Why they do it?"and " What can br done to prevent it?"..." How can it be stopped?"


***Hugs for a thought provoking write***
love, xxx, Zoya