....I just really needed to put some thoughts down in words...and this just came from it all....so not really caring about grammer..i just needed to vent one some...pent up emotions that like erupted.

and so I cry

I loved him with all I had,
With all my heart.
Loved him through the good and the bad.
Never did I think, he would break me apart.

Everyone we knew
thought we would last till the end of time.
He'd say; "Forever, always me and you"
but alas..."forever" was not mine.

He left me with a hug and a kiss
And here I stayed behind,
Watching him disappear off in the distance.
Standing here, alone as I cried.

Everynight I stayed home,
Waiting for his call
Waiting by the phone
But nothing ever came, nothing at all.

On the outside,
I was Little Miss Sunshine
But on the inside,
I was far from fine.

Everynight I laid in the dark,
I cried myself to sleep.
Cried over a broken heart,
Over promises he couldn't keep

Soon I began to feel that it was all me.
It was my fault, I'm the one to blame.
That the innocent one was He
and I'm the one who should feel the shame.

Something was wrong with me , I knew
That I'm the cause of it all
And I just never got the clue
that perhaps I'm the reason he would never call.

I fell into depression for a while
And yet to the World,
I still laughed and wore a smile
to hide a hurt and broken girl.

Soon I came to see ,
That all these emotions and tears,
were not the cause of me
But someone who I still held very dear.

He was the reason for all this and more.
He was the reason I cried those nights.
He is the reason my heart is sore
And now it time for me to set things right.

It hurt me more then I thought it would.
I thought it over and over again.
I let him hurt me, longer then I should,
Now it was time for my heart to mend.

Now I'm the one
Who has left him behind.
The time has come
to make up for all those nights I've cried.

All those memories are now just that
They all have said their Goodbyes
Those moments i can never get back..
and so, one last time, here I stand alone and cry.

Poetry by Jordanna
Read 1109 times
Written on 2008-08-14 at 05:46

Tags Heart  Love  Emotions 

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