This is an old poem, probably..2-3 months old. it's completly different from the original as I didn't like it so i redid the entire thing. This is based off a video game: Dynasty Warriors. which are based off historical time period in China. I've been

Yin and Yang

I lived during a warring age.
A time in history,
where young men were fueled with ambition,
while others with rage.

I fought for the land of Shu,
sharing the dreams and wishes of my Lord Liu Bei.
I served as his great tactician,
against the rivaling kingdoms; of Wu and Wei.

Even in these harsh times,
there was one soul I came to adore.
This one tale never told, never mentioned in the pages of my book.
"Mastering the Art of War".

Yue Ying was her name.
She was so plain and yet beautiful
So smart and yet humble
Never did I imagine, she would be my everything.

In the beggining, I heard rumour of her unique ablities.
but a lie accompanied it too.
A lie stating she had no trance of beauty.
But as any lie goes, this was entirely untrue.

Soon after, I set out to make my life.
Traveling mile after mile,
All in hopes to meet this remarkable woman.
Hopeing she would become my wife.

When I reached by journeys end,
I met the woman behind the lies.
A Simple greeting was only held.
I was to stay only for a day, but it turned to several nights.

My last day had come to pass,
But before I could ask for her hand,
She took several stepd before me and said:
"Draw your weapon high and fight me now at last"

Reluctantly, I did what I was told,
finding it hard to fight such a heart of gold.
We fought at what felt like forever.
till finally, I emerged the victor.

Now fallen to her knnes; All in utter defeat with a weary voice.
"Take me with you, I shall follow behind to where ever you are to go"
A smile played upon my face as I took her hand in mine and held it tight.
"Follow not behind, nor infront of me. Walk beside me as my loyal wife"

She looked at me with her golden eyes.
Only silence was spoken,
Till she wraped her arms around me
And her cries let the silence be broken.

Yue Ying became my second soul.
She was there in my darkest times,
Through summers heat and winters cold.
This was one love story never told.

She and I were one in the same.
She completed me and I did for her,
Even in death, she kept true to her word.
Her promise to follow me where ever I were to go
and only soon after, she had followed.
She and I were that of Yin and Yang.
This was the untold love,
of my beloved Yue Ying and I, her Zhuge Liang.

Poetry by Jordanna
Read 1120 times
Written on 2006-06-29 at 20:04

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