I had this on my hard drive for several months, before I left Highschool, I revised this poem. The revised version was the one sitting on my HS for the past couple months. So I thought i just post it here, since I never did before. so here ya go.


A Man and his Flower

She was a legendary flower of two,
A beauty known throughout the land,
Captured the sight and heart of a charming young man.
The brilliant and handsome strategist of Wu,
The talented and well versed, Zhou Yu.

Still a child she was
So pure of heart
Na´ve as she could be
But was all that enough?
To capture the heart of which was he?

A man with looks and heart to match,
He surely was a great catch.
An intelligent mind, poetry of tongues,
Surely no one predicted
That in the end, this child had won.

She captivated his heart
She ruled over his mind
All from the very start,
She was one of a kind.

He had to have her as his own
Someone with whom he could form a home,
He chosen her above all else
All he wanted was to have her for himself.
He loved her truly with all his heart
Never did he want them to be torn apart.

The young Flower was surprised
At Zhou Yu's sudden proposal thought,
That such news had been brought
Before her and have to be heard,
Above all others, he had chosen her.
To walk beside him on the road of life,
Together; as husband and wife.

It was said she was the cause of one great battle at sea,
This battle of Chi Bi.
The enemy Warlord wanted the beauty for his own,
Possibly to become his wife to his tyrant throne.
Were these rumors lies or were they true?
No matter what, it enraged the warrior spirit of Zhou Yu.

Into battle he went and fought though enemy lines,
Keeping the vision of his flower, in the back of his mind.
He wouldn't lose her to another,
he wouldn't stand for that.
The Battle raged through the night,
Only to have the enemy loose to Zhou Yu's might.

Victoriously he returned his beauty,
As happy as she could have ever be,
Ran to his arms and into a tight embrace,
With tears flowing down her porcelain face.
She believed he would return to her again,
Never did her trust or belief falter.
She would continue to be by his side, now and forever

Their days were filled with happiness,
Where ever he went, there she would be,
Full of laughter and a smile, for all the world to see.
She was there through sickness and in health.
Through the good times and the bitter strife,
Up until the day sickness would take his life.

Deeply grieved over her loss,
Her only love of her life, now gone from this world,
The one man who transformed her into a woman,
From a once na´ve little girl.

Always will she remember her love,
Who now resides with the stars above.
Forever in her heart she remained loyal and true,
This was the innocent love of
Xiao Qiao and her beloved Zhou Yu.

Poetry by Jordanna
Read 1149 times
Written on 2006-09-11 at 03:27

Tags Story  Love  History 

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