still speaking about spousal abuse...the loud silence that exists in society yet this is a serious problem

For the beaten up wife

She was so vibrant...the life of the party
but now...she is pale shadow of herself
she spends hours putting on make up
to hide the marks that were not there before
in the back of her mind she wants to leave him
but lacks the courage to walk out that door

she was a career girl...a bright future lay ahead
now she is straddled with three kids...
a boy...a girl...and her abusive husband
she keeps hoping that he will change
but the beatings and abuse just keep coming
harder...more vicious than ever

how long can this go on?
which kind of man dares abuse his wife
how long will this be swept under the rug?
do we have to wait until she lays dead in the morgue
to stand up and speak up against this absurdity?
if he hits you...he simply does not love and respect you

to the ladies...girlfriends and wives
caught up in these abusive situations
take these chains and break them completely
no love should cause you so much pain
it sounds crazy but no matter how much you love him
walk away before it gets too late...

Poetry by Mike
Read 687 times
Written on 2006-06-25 at 11:21

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liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
Brillent advice on such
a difficult subject.

It is sad that this happens.

Well Done for your stand on this.


GREAT advice!! And a good poem, too!

Love Knight
you express your opinions as facts. I reallyy do know what you write about. no one should lay their hands on a woman of class, no woman should be scared and hide in the shadows. Shame and hatred towards the wife beaters or girl or lady beaters. RESPECT WOMEN FOR THEIR WORTH!

timmy davis
robby..are you sick? how dare you say this sucked yet it is a poem about a serious issue

Zoya Zaidi
Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!
Standing Ovation, my brother Mike!
***Fond, tight Hugs***
Love, and all the rest of it!
XXX, Zoya

this really sucked

The Charmed One
that real good. if i could write on that subject i will do it.