this mean person who used to be my friend was having an argument with my friend who also used to be her friend, and then my other friend tried to stick up for my friend, but then the mean person made her cry. it was all very dramatic.

have you no shame?

heated arguments
have you no shame?
for discarding your friend
like she hasnt a name?
she walks away in silence
urging herself not to cry
i put my arms around her shoulders
as she let out a heavy sigh
she tells me all
how can you be so mean?
dissing her friend
when she tried to intervene
sticking up for a friend
is by far no crime
but if it was, you wouldnt be doing time
you only think of yourself
making others take the blame
so i'll ask you once again
how can you have you no shame?

Poetry by andrea
Read 698 times
Written on 2006-06-28 at 07:24

Tags Mean  Shame 

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Rob Graber
Good job, and a great intro! (Did you get my request for permission?)

I really love the rhyming and rythm of this! And it's all about something I think nearly every friendship goes through. Great Job!

Such beauty and maturity. Gir you're on a roll!

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
another good write Andrea. You have great rhythm and rhyme in your poetry. It also has power to deliver a message about friendship and what it truly is. :) kathy