the next poem in the series of my life. another about the mean person and her possy of dummies =) this is the part where she tries to ditch me to make me sad, but i find better friends, so it all ends up ok! =)

silent ways

they said we needed to talk
i already knew what they would say
so after it was said and done with
i just got up and walked away
i wish i'd said some things
that were going thru my head
but oh no, not me
i started to cry instead
i just sat there listening
didnt do a thing
i didnt really know
what my silent ways would bring
she said she got my message
the one i only wanted her to see
she said she showed it to all her friends...
how inconsiderate could you be?
she told me i was the third wheel
i hadn't talked in days
i didnt know what damage it would do
me and my silent ways

Poetry by andrea
Read 602 times
Written on 2006-06-28 at 07:30

Tags Silent  Ways 

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reminds me of a time in my life..inspirational

Another silent person - glad to have you aboard. I used to be there too...

Kathy Lockhart
Girl you are on a roll! you are certainly are not silent here and never should be. Your poetry is outstanding. You again speak to those of your age and those of mine. You are gifted with writing. I know that you have much more writing ahead of you and I am one that is hoping to read it. :) kathy