I kinda of came up this last night while i was writting in my journal, so i decided to write it here, and hear what you all think of it to. You may want to skip down to the last paragraph for the really meaningful stuff.

Philosophy of love

" why am i even going out with him?" he isn't anything special to my heart, not really what does he give me that another couldn't? Nothing, i feel no emotional connection to him, it's all physical. Thats why i find it so hard to meet his eyes, so hard to watch him when we talk. I just don't it, and i feel bad about my lack of feeling. But then again isn't that what i've wanted all along, not to get mentally attached to a person. I wanted someone who is all physical, so i wouldn't risk my heart. Is it him or is it me? Is everything i've said about not being able to fall in love true? I mean i do think it's me, actually i know it's all me. I can see it in his eyes, though eyes a can meet. In those eyes i can see that he loves me, hell he even said it. but me... i don't love him, there i said it, i don't.
Don't get me worng, i was addicted t ohim at one point. Yes, i said i loved him. But it didn't last. I was a girl who was amazed that someone could and would treat her so well. A girl that was happy to have a boy to cuddle with, and show affection for. Thats what i though love was, but i know now i was wrong, it's deeper, and stronger. There was a time when Saturday night would've seemed like a fantasy, it still was but ot in the same sense. It jusrt happened at the wrong time. We waited too long. Our loves came at different times. Maybe if they had come at the same time things would be different. But i had given up trying, and only stayed for the lack of anyone else at the time, and the knowledge that he made my body feel good.
You know thats my new philosophy. You can fall in love with anyone, but the whole true love thing only happens when you both fall in love at the same time. They both have to have that one moment no matter how long or how short it is, where they both are in love ANd that person could be anyone, a stranger on the street even, you could even have more than one true loves. There isn't one person, it's one moment. But that moment has to be strong, so when you find times are hard you can think back on it, and that feeling will come flooding back to you again making everything ok. It's the people who never have this moment that don't stay together. But that moment is so important, and so rare, that most never expirence it. it's all about timing, waitinng but not stalling, for that moment could pass you by so quickly, and never come near you again.


Words by Rhia
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Written on 2006-06-28 at 19:44

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chuma okafor
I believe strongly in philosophy and yours confirms my fear and at the same time my confidence in love,cheers.It is good.