i came up with the first par t in the shower. ( i think up this stuff in the wierdest places) and the second part was because i wanted critics to remember that there lives are protected by these sacrifices so they need to show some respect.


demon spawn arcing through the air, ravening for a taste of warm and succulant flesh. flying without thought, hoping simply to find blood to taste upon their lips. larger deamons arcing down from the skies, exploding in anger when they find nothing but earth and little blood upon their insatiable tounges.arcangels rain fire and death down upon the ground as great gargantuans spread death around them in wide arcs and crushing anything that got in their way. and through all this humans are running to and fro, hoping that the demons would taste someone elses flesh and not their own. hoping that god would give them another chance at life. another chance to show there love to their sweethearts and and to tuck their kids in one more time before they die. men pray that the few angels roaming the fields will be able to pull the still slavering deamons out if they became one of the fed upon. and through it all god weeps for those lost in this and for their loved ones who would never feel the love these men and women wish to show, while the great Deamon laughs as he drinks the blood of thousands that continue to fill his chalice, while the bones and broken bodies of these thousands upon millions make up his dark and grisly palice and throne.

some would call this grisly story a depiction of hell, i call it war. and some in the world frown upon the men and women who sacrifice themselves so that we live in the way and manner which we do in our prosperous country. who go to this without knowing what lies ahead. but still going for love of what lies behind them. we should all applaud their bravery and never bear down on them for it as do the critics. because remember. there wouldnt be american critics. without america would there?

Words by Ian
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Written on 2006-07-08 at 21:04

Tags War  Hell  Death 

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