i want to make a conglomeration of advice and put it all together for everyone so i would like everyone to please read this and send me what you come up with plz!

i need your help

i have only just started writing again
so long after i saw my cousin dead.

I dont know what to say after so long
Can there be any way to say this wrong?

what about Right
can i find my words tonight?

all will agree with me that when you lose a loved one
all of your emossions go wild and run.

you become lost and sad
Hopeless and mad.

and through it all you begin to pull out of your depression
you find that your joys have lost there expression.

you withdraw yourself so that you have the strength to pick up
and while you do all of those that arent for real view you as a fuck up.

the guestion is just how do you get out and really move on
how do you regain what you lost and make yourself gone?

i beg anyone to answer me so i can put it together
to make the hopeless and heavy light as a feather.

Poetry by Ian
Read 937 times
Written on 2007-02-23 at 05:04

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writing is theraputic, to get those wild emotions on paper is a beginning. it is never easy when someone close dies, time is a great healer, a bit of a cliche saying that but it is true i feel. we all need time to mourn, it is a natural process. pen how you feel and take life one step at a time :)