Judgement part 1

the liquid set before her is coppery and thick. though it is too dark to tell the color. she is too thirsty to care what it is. knowing only that she must drink it if she is to survive. she takes a moment to look around her, wondering where the liquid has come from, she has been in the room for days with no food and no water, never knowing who had brought her there. mentally shrugging and giving up on the thought she grasped the large glass cup before her and brings it too her lips, thirstily gulping down her first draught of the liquid. she slams down the glass as she involutarily lets out a small scream of shock and fear. It was blood! "what do i do now!" she wonders angrily to herself "im so thirsty ill die if i dont drink it but... Blood?! i cant drink someone elses blood!" she begins to debate with herself mentally, shortly ending up in a war between her need for survival and her understanding of what makes her human. "What do i do, what do i do whatdoido!!" she screams within her mind
" What choice do i have! its blood or death."

Short story by Ian
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Written on 2007-02-23 at 04:49

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