the shattered hearts creed.

after all has fallen,
after the world has crashed,
is there still more to be lost?

after your sky has fallen,
can the moon come with it?
can life be turned so upside down, that it cannot right itself.

one pain on top of another.
a death .
a change.
and a horrible fact.
all to fast.
can all this just lay on top of eachother,
ever building themselves up?

life is so easily past.
and hope becomes the only pillar
the world races by so fast.
that you are so close to your own killer.

u can be so easily lost in the current.
that you cannot see salvation so close as it is.
and your life feels as though is will only ever be burnt.
that there is no longer a safe foundation.

until you look past it all into how it has changed you.
you become stronger as you are forced to save yourself.
you push and shove your way through.
unwilling to be another memory on a shelf.

when you look at all youve been through.
sometime you must merely rotate what you see.
and you just might find just how it is changeing your life in a good way.

THE CREED OF A SHATTERED HEART. :Take what life gives you no matter how crappy it is. and then learn to turn it back and say screw it, ill fight through this, because i will never surrender to the weight of the bad in life.

Words by Ian
Read 1079 times
Written on 2006-09-01 at 04:29

Tags Fallen  Rise  Fight 

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keith nunes
well put man. fight on, it's worth the fight!

Rob Graber
"you become stronger as you are forced to save yourself"--a very good line!