living in the shadows

i spent all my life in the shadows
longing for the sun
but now that im here, i feel the heat
and i will it to be done
my once-red rose is now a wilted brown
and there are rips and tears in my beloved gown
so living in the shadows isnt all that bad
spend all your life longing,not knowing what you had
until one day all is gone,
out of the shadows into the sun that shone
with such fierceness you were blinded by the light
and the only thought you had
was how you long for the dark cool night

Poetry by andrea
Read 759 times
Written on 2006-07-14 at 19:13

Tags Night  Sun  Shadows 

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I really really loved this write. Its Beautiful!
Keep writing.... :)

Zachary P. B.
Perspective. Nice. I like the rhyme scheme, but the imagery is the best part of it. Write on, my friend.

Linger in the shadows not,
For there readers who read, cannot.

Liked it.