This is a poem about something I have felt, not in such a terrific ammount as I describe, but I have seen the threshold. I am glad I did not cross, as glad as I am to not feel such things now.


Sorrow is the sourness in your gut
the heavyness of your eyebrows
when your life is in a rut

Sorrow is so incredibly massive
so impossible to contain
when you feel sorrow
it always seems to rain

you never see the sun
and soon you forget
because you are sick
and dying
and wet

and when you remember
there is only regret
because you are sick
of life,
and ripped

ripped is the only way to describe you
when sorrow runs deep
deeper than your soul
that you struggle to keep

when you're falling down
trying to keep something gold
because you are sick
and rotten
and old

and when you land
there is nothing there
because you are sick
not human
no cares


yet you're only too much aware
with that blank and empty stare
never again

what was will not be
because you are you
and no other is thee

what you keep golden is only viewed from beneath
by those thats sorrow is to be never sheathed

the dead dust that flows in your tears
over all the countless soulless years
it covers

that wretched crust
slowly it wears
and away you rust

that which you are is consumed in your sorrow
and soon you will see no tomorrows.

Poetry by Andy
Read 1072 times
Written on 2006-07-19 at 23:09

Tags Sorrow  Ache  Cry 

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I agree with Liz and Nora, that last part is so strong. Its a great poem.

wonderful andy! its so beautiful! i loved it!
*hugs* :D

I agree with liz.. that last part reallt somehow stands out.. a great finish to a great poem..

liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
The last stanza is so powerful and true.

love this.


This is so right (Y)
I totally understand.. I've been there before..
I love it :)