Done, edited and fixed the version I liked the most.

Enter the mall

Consumer! Enter the lair of despair;
The endless clatter of coins fills the air.
Shop! Buy! Purchase luxuries, sow your seed;
Daily, weekly, we watch you breed like weed.

Not to fear; approach our shops, helpless hare,
But dear, do come closer, don't mind the snare,
I might give some advice for you to heed;
Herein are naught but things you'll never need.

I'll tell a secret although I shouldn't dare;
Aye; we sold our souls with nary a care.
Why did we commit such heinous a deed?
Because only soulless salesmen succeed.

Poetry by Thomas Selnes The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2006-07-21 at 00:16

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As a shopoholic addicted to shoes I say;
Wonderful :)
Those evil sales men can make us by anything ^^

YES YES YES~ I LOVE this. So much truth in it. In the movie 12 Monkeys, Brad Pitt's character talks about how if you aren't a consumer, buying needless items..then to some you are insane..this is an excellent write..oh, and I would say watch that movie if you like something totally off the wall!

David Hazell
I rate this highly. I find your sentiments exact. The way sales are onducted now the soul is lost. I'm going to put up a thing I did a while back. 'Dying Of Consumption.'I was going to save it for later but you have inspired me.

liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
I pefer the 1st version but I think
keep both as they are both great.


The second one had so much more to it.. don`t really know why.. it brings the feeling of the mall forward.. salesmen speaking from all directions.. haunting you down.. dragging you into the shops... no matter what you hear it all sums up.. the second on has a realism to it:D a great write:D