Everyone has a purpose why they do things don't be too quick to judge.

You be the Judge

My name is Anthony
I deal drugs
but listen to the reason
why before you're
so quick to judge

There's my woman
my little man, (my seed)
and there's alot of
necessities they need

We need water & heat
We need clothes on our back
and to be able to eat

There's help out there
but I'm my own man
and I'm responsible for him
and her Now can you understand

My name is Sandra
I've been a prostitute
since sixteen
I couldn't get a job anywhere
not even at my local Dairy Queen

I have a daughter to feed
and as long as I'm alive
and able to do something
about she will never need

I grew up in a one room apt
where I and my sister
went to bed hungry many nights
because Mom was too proud
and to her it was always do
what the chruch says is right

so many nights I listen
to my sister cry from hunger pain
she didn't make it this far
I promise myself I would
never here that cry again

so what I do
I do out of love
so don't be
so quick to judge

My name is Bob
I'm a politician
I lie, cheat, steal
and even kill to get
what I want
it's just a matter of
a phone call I don't
mean to flaunt

You may think I'm
mean, vicious & vile
but I have to live large
I need my lavious lifestyle

You can waste your time judging
but try to understand how
futile that would be
because you can judge all you want
but the real judges work for me

Poetry by Will
Read 421 times
Written on 2006-07-31 at 18:53

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I like this poem..who we are to judge???...I'll understand the flow....thank you for sharing this!!!!nice piece!!!!kissess

Dan Cederholm

Hahaha You are outstanding!!!

Sincerely Dan