Writing a poem (pen fighting)!

I write this poem
in stanzas and lines
trying to fill the paper . . .
With thoughts who is mine
and I cant denied that
I really love writing
instead of fussy and fighting!

After a while the words
start to running faster
the activity or movement
of a runner who runs for the goal
But then I slow down
and use my imagination
. . . there was a time
when I didn't write at all!

In time and space I realized
that the thoughts who is mine
I put them all in print on papers
and share them with all those poets
I read all your texts with care
and so much joy and imagination
And if the night newer ends I know
I did what I could there with my pen

So to all my friends on poetbay
I say you are all so great and good
you share your deep inner thoughts
in this superb neighbourhood
we called the poetbay.com
And when I die and reach for Heaven
I know there is a special place for us
a heavenly corner on a cloud
who is named Holy poetbay corner

Poetry by Dan Cederholm
Read 378 times
Written on 2006-08-13 at 11:33

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this was nice!! really sweet..and so true;)hehehe...

AWwww Dan, this was sweet..we have all battled the pen at times, and poured out our hearts to it. Sometimes it yields to us and sometimes, we do struggle..creative! B.