Look at me
The mask I wear
It is my true colors
Please do stare!!

I choose to have a big smile
And have big ole floppy feet
I even have a big red nose
But I am no rudolph that guides
eight tiny reindeer
And I also have
rainbow hair

I do not care
How I appear
This is the mask I wear
My true identity
I do think so
Please do stare
I will turn your frown
into a smile so be aware

I just want to be a clown
Where many stare and
smiles appear

I can see the world pinks,yellows and even purple too
I just never want to see the color blue
I want to see a lot of happy faces and giggles too
When people look at me I never see a frown
Not with the likes of me around

I just want to laugh
And ignore all my worries
I just want to ride on a slide
or even a merry- go - round
And even jump on a trampoline
I just want to be silly and act
a little crZy

Its already in my blood
I should look up my rubber tree
Or is it Family tree?
I know I have a clown relative
There has to be

Ohh the Gods must be crZy

Play with bubble wrap
It really snap,crackles and pops your tummy
It sure makes me laugh like a bowl full of jelly
Ahh,I may laugh like Santa,but I ain't that
crazy to slide down no chimney!

You might think there is something wrong with me
But it doesn't really matter,does it?
Because I have a face of many colors of the rainbow
Where raindrops are skittles and snowflakes are candy bars
I know you are grinning as you read my funny remarks

And I see smiles upon your faces
You all want to be a clown
Come on let your childhood be announced
Grab a balloon and twist it about
Turn it into a funny animal
or even your favorite
cartoon character

Go on paint your faces
It is the best of medication
Its a joyful experience
To be silly for day

When you can be a clown
And act up and bounce around
And be real loud and squeeze a horn
I just love to be a party favor

So now you see me,acting goofy
Its all in fun to be a little crZy
It is part of my act
because I want to be a clown
And hide all my problems

I should go back to school
And study Clownology
But wait I think I have

I have all the experience
A clown should have

It sure would be the best job in my small town
But it's ok,I was born to be goofy
and clown around

Please do stare,just a little closer
Shhh do you know who I am?

I am Mystic Clown
I am

Poetry by workoutrules
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Written on 2010-01-27 at 21:41

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I love your poem!

Phyllis J. Rhodes
You win a prize
for your disguise
and smiles abound
for your silly clown
because in these lines
a lighthouse shines
exposing hearts
pierced with darts
of broken dreams
and muffled screams
for someone to know
what you cannot show
the real you
and the real me too

I see so much more than a mask or a clown. I see a deep yearning to be known and find a secure place. Hurt tends to make us hide, but I also see a gentleness and willingness to have that ability in love unconditionally and freely...yes, I see through this and I know who you are....

always lovely to read you,

Dan Cederholm

Oh Great 1 . . . and we all are
the clown inside and the clown
outside . . .

Hard to comment the text
beacuse I see myself in it

I love your Clownology!!!


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