"I run to you" the picture: I have work with this picture for a whole year I started in januari 8 last year and finnished in 2012-01-01.

Runaway - I run to you

World of mine I take my time
but I really in disguise

the time I spent . . .
in my darkest moments
tired of being lonely

so I run
and I run
I run to you

I couldn’t find
my map was closed
and dark was the night

so I run
and I run
I run to you

Who am I
is there anything
wrong with me

I wonder

World of mine
I take my time

and I run . . .
over the hills
and far away

until I found the way
to your heart
but I couldn’t find the key

I stop running
and there you was

You tried to stop my runaway

the key was simple, take it easy
don’t runaway from me . . . she said

I have stopped running
and I always look
over my shoulder

no more runaway
I stay with booth feet
on the ground

Poetry by Dan Cederholm
Read 1166 times
Written on 2012-01-06 at 11:21

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