After being instructed by a grief therapist to journalize my feelings, I started out with a complaint, "Lord, I don't understand." but instead it became something quite different than I had in mind.

Lord, I Don't Understand

Oh, Lord, I just don't understand,
Your endless love, Your amazing Grace,
Your infinite patience with mankind.

Lord, I don't understand it---but I believe it.

Lord, I don't understand,
How tree & flowers can seem dead in the winter,
And produce new life in the spring.

How an oak tree can grow from an acorn,
How butterflies develop from larvae,
How birds know how to fly,
And how babies know when to be born.

Lord, I don't understand,
Why some animals mate for life,
and others have new partners every season,
And why some female insects kill the male after the mating.

Or why two very different people fall in love,
Marry, raise a family, and are happy & content,
While others always seem to be searching for something,
And are never quite sure what it is.

Lord, I don't understand,
Why You would love this human race that You created,
So much that You would come to earth as one of us,
And endure the pain and humiliation of the cross,
And bleed and die, just so we could have a chance to live.

Lord, I don't understand it,
But I thank You for it all.

Poetry by Marlene
Read 592 times
Written on 2006-08-13 at 19:54

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