My grandfather, my Mother, and my Husband all died young. These are the things I learned from all of them.

Three Lives and Three Deaths

Three lives,
A Grandfather,
A Mother,
A Husband

Three deaths,
The same three

Each had a profound effect on my life. Their lives by what they taught me,
Their deaths, by what God taught me.

My Grandfather taught me to love and respect nature & God's creation. He taught me honesty, patience, love of God & fellow man. He taught by example, not by lecture.

My Mother taught me selfless devotion to others; sharing, compassion, and to love music & books.

She taught me that people are more important than things, and that love is the most essential thing in life; love of God, family, friends & strangers.

My husband taught me independence, self-confidence, and love in the physical aspect. He taught me to believe in myself and to reach out & grab new experiences. He taught me that I am a survivor.

With my Grandfather's death, God taught me that a "Good Man's" influence doesn't stop with the end of his physical life. Fifty years later, part of him is still living in me.

With my Mother's death, I learned that life does go on, in spite of the pain and grief, and that God is faithful in supplying all my needs.

But, the most important lesson from God has been since my husband's death; that when I feel like I can't go on, He's there to pick me up and carry me. That when I have no one else, He's there. That I am totally dependent on Him, and that His love never fails.

Thank you, Lord, for life lessons learned from these lives and their deaths.

Words by Marlene
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Written on 2006-08-16 at 04:25

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Enjoying the Wisdom and Strength in this piece.

Very Nicely Done (BM)

Dan Cederholm

Thank you LORD for Marlene!!!

Yes it is right there are always pieces

who is great lessons that we learned

and so much beautiful memories that

live with us! And the love mmm

that is a great thing in life!!!

Blessings Dan


Kathy Lockhart
sweet words of love, family, and God. Beautifully written. : ) kathy