Written two years after my husband's death.

Out of The Ashes

I'm not the same person that I was two years ago,
Sometimes I hardly recognize myself.
This self-confident woman that has emerged,
From an empty, broken shell.

Out of the ashes of my former life,
Rises a stronger more capable woman;
The pain more endurable, the memories less poignant,
The person less vulnerable, yet more human.

The core of my being has been badly shaken,
And yet the foundation remains firm;
My faith, weak at times, has sustained me,
When only to God could I turn.

And now, looking eagerly forward,
Knowing I've weathered my life's worst storm,
Anticipating the challenges that tomorrow will bring,
Not dreading empty days without form.

What lies ahead, I have no idea,
But whatever it is, I'll give it my best;
The fear of the future no longer a threat,
I'll do my part,......and God will do the rest.

Poetry by Marlene
Read 980 times
Written on 2006-08-16 at 03:47

Tags Ashes 

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