Four years after my husband's death.

Coming Out of The Darkness

I'm finally comin out of the darkness,
And all around me I can see,
The shattered pieces of my former life,
And prospects of a brand new me.

It hasn't been easy, this transformation,
I've kicked and screamed all the way,
But my Father knew just what He was doing,
And that I'd conquer all my fears one day.

He has provided for all my needs,
Always in His time, not mine.
Even when it seemed He was no loner listening,
I can see now His hand in mine.

This dark valley of grief & depression,
Is the worst battle I've had to fight.
Many times, I felt like quitting,
As I lay awake night after night.

Had it not been for family & Christian friends,
I can't imagine what I would have done.
But most of all, Lord, Your precious promises,
Have guided me back into the sun.

Poetry by Marlene
Read 1229 times
Written on 2006-08-16 at 04:08

Tags Grief  Depression 

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david gerardino
Have guided me back into the sun,makes the poem,,,10

Well, Congratulations that's a long trip out of the Darkness, I've been there.

Very nice Write. I can relate.

Enjoyed the read