Just my way of letting you know you're appreciated thanks for the reads...

May I have a minute of your time

ATTENTION!!!, may I have
a minute of your time
if you comment I swear
I'll return it with a min.
of mine

I just wanted to give a
shoutout to a special young lady
I've been enjoying since I've come to
the bay, you've read her too maybe...

Just if you need to read heartfelt,
and the sweetest of sentiments
she deserves a little of your time
give her a few minutes

I'll guarantee she'll give you a smile
I'll go so far as to say maybe ear to ear
if you get caught up in some of her pieces
you may look on your cheek to see a tear

I just wanted to write this
to let her know she's appreciated
so Haseen come out and take a bow
thanks for the heartfelt writes
now was I right about this
sweet young lady...


Poetry by Will
Read 645 times
Written on 2006-08-16 at 14:19

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yOU knOW wHaT This is really beautiful...oh Will thank you so much for this beautiufl piece, you made me cry!!! i love this! thank you so much for your friendship!!!!a million hugs and kissess for you!!!!

"favorites''..forever!!!!!take care!!!!

Kathy Lockhart
absolutly correct and so beautiful just like my daughter Haseen. She is lovely. Glad you wrote this for her. what a sweet spirit she is. I didn't give her birth, but I would have had God given me the opportunity. She is my heart. Thanks so much for this poem for her. Her mom, Kathy

night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
*Storm of applause*To Haseen and to you my dear friend!

Your writing skills advance day by day keep writing :)

You won't win an award but you will always have a place in our hearts here on poetbay :) Keep up the good work Will :)

Keep being original :)

Dan Cederholm

What a lovely poem to a very special girl!!!

Regards Dan