Just complaining about Gym girls hunting for a man like the gym is a singles bar..

Leave me Alone (dedicated to the gym hunters)

Ok I said Hello
now please move on
with you in my face
it's hard to get my
groove on

A Workout Partner?
don't you have a man?
don't you see my plates full
with these heavy weights
in my hand

A Spotter no sorry
leave me alone
go ask that cat
over there sitting
on the bench talking
on his cell phone

Before you even ask
take time to realize
I can't keep my intensity up
with you tapping me on
the shoulder saying things
like "could you help me
with this exercise"

If you don't know how to
do it, ask someone on staff
how am I to lift these heavy
a$$ weights with you interupting
cutting my intensity in half

I just here to weight train
hit the treadmill, swim, shower
and go home
so please I don't care how fine
you think you are?
Leave me Alone

Poetry by Will
Read 448 times
Written on 2006-08-18 at 19:23

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Lol.... you are funny!!!!great write!!!!kissess

Dan Cederholm

Haha(LOLOL) Gteat writing here Will!!!

With your own good humor hehehe

I realy enjoy the reading and laugh so

much that I hardly nearly fal of the chair!!!

But I do understand that it can be a

serious problem!!! With hangaround


Sincerely your friend Dan!!!


Hehe, this is great! Don't ya' hate it when some people don't understand YOU WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE! You tell them!!

Kathy Lockhart
Wow! Powerful Punch! Good for YOU! I love this one so much!!!!! Strong in who you are and focused. Great attributes. That's why all the gym girls are tapping on your shoulder. LOL kathy