This is a poem inspired by a famous and talented Canadian singer; and the movie Excalibur.

Music and Mythology

Sarah, her voice ethereal
Symphonic design
Angels appearing
Velvet walls
Separation a shroud
Water steaming
Memories reeling
Longing, burning
A useless yearning
Death so tragic
Memories, sad souvenirs
Reflections casting a spell
The wand of words has been donned
I think of
King Arthur and Camelot:
A perfect world undone by betrayal
A twisted triangle
Desire an enormous web
Sticking to its victims caught in emotional dread
Love forbidden, love tainted by shame
A Queen takes a lover and hopes no one will discover her secret--
While a brother and sister are entangled
In a magically devious secret--
Producing demon spawn, the result of dark evil
A magic apprenticeship gone wrong:
One seeing beauty in power
Beauty in revenge
Beauty in conquest
It never ends
But a tired King does not give up and forgives a spouse haunted by sin:
A wonderful potion with the key ingredient being letting go,
Moving on, moving forward
A knight succeeds
A difficult quest
Capturing a chalice that would heal an ailing King Arthur
As I enjoy the mythology, Sarah sings of sadness and betrayal;
My mind floats back to Arthur who drinks from the chalice
And goes on a quest to put together a destroyed kingdom;
A shadow of its former self--
A rotting cadaver
Worms encircling...
Getting together a cavalry
Fighting for a peaceful destiny
Human soldiers against evil incarnate
Marching toward death
Marching toward life
Saving a kingdom from disaster and strife
A battle against the creations of black magic
A son of incest in the journey to kill his father
A struggle between the knight of good
And the knight of the devil
A war between two different worlds
Karma unfolding
Justice unearths her wrath: she cries, she screams,
Enraged against the immortality that has past;
She takes Arthur's sword and stabs the irate son in the chest--
Killing him
Red blood flowing
King Arthur knowing
His mission is complete
But now his health is faltering: injuries doing damage
Arthur is close to falling
His time has come to enter the golden gates,
to leave his physical shell behind
Memamorphosis like the past of a butterfly
To become something better
A heavenly entity
Without the entrapment of a human body
Shuffling off his mortal coil
Tired, hurt, but satisfied at evil's defeat
Saying good-bye to Excalibur,
Thrown into a mysterious hand rising out of the sea
A chapter is now over
And Excalibur's owner's life has started a new page
Another part of the novel has started far from its conclusion
The first part containing action, intrigue,
A love gone wrong; and temptation
Things unfulfilled, desires not met
The second section containing new adventures,
unforetold possibilities
Sarah sings--thinking of lost opportunities;
But King Arthur has a chance to become anew
And chase new opportunities with a seraphic view
So Arthur leaves on a boat with angels
Going to a new place
Where kings, queens,
Beggars, thieves, street people
All meet in a place mystical, magical, tranquil, holy, pious
Where God is King
And the Prince is Jesus
A heavenly kingdom
Perfect without sin
That will never divide or fragment by the dying embers of the sun
Mortals make misery and chaos
Heaven continually creates peace and a tribute to heavenly love:
In the form of a celestial city surrounded by a golden cloud
Which can only be dreamed of
Angels dancing, angels singing
As I smile Sarah is joyously proclaiming love manifested in a single touch
Between two lovers,
Between two friends,
Between two relatives,
Or between a king, head of a round table,
And a kingdom which had to be saved from being rubble--
To building again on the foundation of truth, honesty, integrity,
And Forgiveness
Himself being a witness
To when the cornerstones are blasted away by the explosion of
Forbidden Love,
And an incestuous birth ignited by a sorceress of evil;
But his determination to save Camelot from permanent peril
Had him surrounded by the company of angels:
Timeless, unchanged, through the ages--
Arthur smiles now, his tactics successful
He can be at rest and we can be thankful
That chivalry exists despite lost love:
A thing that Sarah McLachlan is dreaming of.

I love music and movies; and they both inspire my writing. Anyone out there, what inspires your poetry?

Poetry by Alison Clarke
Read 427 times
Written on 2006-08-20 at 08:46

Tags Excalibur  Sarah  Arthur 

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So mysterious and mystical..the flow is excellent..I love both the singer and the movie..great tribute to both!