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Hi, I'm Alison Clarke; I'm a part-time student at my local university in the province of Alberta. I am upgrading so I can one day do my Masters in English--with a specialty in Creativing Writing. I love to learn and I'm interested in many things: social issues, politics, art, music, poetry, prose, writing, school, psychology, and the use of the arts in healing. I have just published a children's book that comes with an audio CD. It will be available through PageMaster which has an online bookstore. I'm very happy with my accomplishment; and sales are brisk. I am also working on a poetry CD as well--which will be coming out soon. I'm also working on a book of poetry which hopefully will be out by the end of 2007. I love creating--and I am very busy with all of my projects. I know that I was meant to be an artist; and hopefully a teacher as well. I am interested in teaching English as a Second Language for my main gig. I feel grateful to be alive and want to live each life to the fullest. Carpe Diem, everyone!

Alison Clarke

54 years old from Canada


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