Another poetic work created by a meditation on the experience, the life of Anne Frank.


Remembering Anne:

A voice enshrouded by darkness

A voice that was a candle piercing the gloom

A voice that foretold Death's doom...

A voice evoking human empathy...

Walking in someone else's shoes...

A literary experience that demands justice,

Respect, love of humankind, the calling

For the power of memory...

Her voice never wavering...

The angels sighing,

The angels mourning,

Anne's death a warning:

That atrocities can happen to anyone;

And indifference, ignorance, is the evil

That can destroy humanity...

Poetry by Alison Clarke
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Written on 2006-09-02 at 10:50

Tags Voice  Anne  Memory 

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keith nunes
your series of four has great depth of spirit and caring alison. you're clearly moved by the horrifying inhumanity of the holocaust and your belief in goodness above all shines through. moving pieces all of them. well done you